Welcome to The Lost Thing WikiEdit

This wiki is designed as a learning resource for students studying Shaun Tan's short animated film "The Lost Thing"

The Lost Thing Class WikiEdit

Greetings students of Ms. Aterea's Stage 4 English Class and welcome to what I am hoping will be an invaluable resource for our learning over the coming weeks.

The purpose of this wiki is for us as a class to store and share our thoughts, views and findings as we explore the wonderful short animated film The Lost Thing.

Here you will find a link to the film (which is found in the "Class Resources" page in the top navigation bar), plus some other interesting tid-bits, including interviews with its creator Shaun Tan as he explains the inspiration behind the story, as well as how he came upon the animations unique design. There are a couple of other resources already included and you are invited to share and add whatever useful resources you find. I of course will post my own thoughts and share what links I come across, but remember this is a class wiki, what you get out of it will depend on what you put in. That includes participating in the activities provided and posting to the class forum and blog.

Overall please enjoy this resource and use it on your journey to discovering all about The Lost Thing.

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